Statement from Rick Gittleman on Extension of Sanctions to Additional Officials in the DRC

On September 28, the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) announced the extension of sanctions on Gabriel Amisi Kumba and John Numbi, following what it termed as “increasing indications that the Government of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) continues to suppress political opposition in the country, often through violent means.”  Under this sanctions program, all of these two individuals’ assets within U.S. jurisdiction have been frozen and Americans are barred from doing business with them.

“Today’s action builds on the United States’ continued commitment to disrupt this destructive behavior and foster a better and more stable future for the DRC and the Congolese people,” said John E. Smith, Acting OFAC Director, in statement.  “Today’s action is not directed at the people of DRC.  It is intended to alter the behavior of the targeted individuals.”

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UADF Statement on Extended Election Delays in the DRC

A delay of two to four years means President Kabila has stopped pretending he believes in his country’s Constitution and democracy. He is determined to stay in power. For nearly a year he has methodically erected obstacles to an orderly election process next year.  He now seems satisfied that his scheming has worked.

Nations that believe in the rule of law must not abet Kabila’s audacious subversion of his countrymen’s desire for democracy.   The international community should seize the opportunity to provide the assistance needed to overcome the obstacles Kabila has put in place while making it very clear to the Congo’s President that such behavior will be sanctioned in the international community. Kabila’s eventual claim of sovereignty will not hold sway as he tramples the country’s constitution and the social and political rights of the Congolese people.

United for Africa’s Democratic Future stands with the millions of brave Congolese who are eager to chart a brighter future with leaders they have chosen in free and fair elections. We hope other nations work as hard in helping Congolese democracy triumphs as President Kabila has worked in making sure it fails.