Mission and Vision

Mission Statement:

United for Africa’s Democratic Future seeks to inform the public debate on the importance of free and fair elections, transparent governance, and peaceful transfers of power in advancing widely-shared economic growth and the protection of human rights.

With white papers, commentaries and forums, we seek to engage thought leaders, policymakers, journalists, and the public at large on the indispensable role democracy can play in establishing peaceful cooperation among African nations and with nations around the world.

Vision Statement:

The institution of democracy has succeeded on every continent in a variety of cultures. For democracy to take hold, it is necessary to have free and fair elections followed by transparent governance based on laws.

Over the next two years, presidential elections scheduled in 16 African nations present an opportunity for hundreds of millions of people to pursue a better life through the ballot box.

These elections mark an opportunity for all people in Africa to become stakeholders in the economic and political life of their respective nations, to advance human rights, and to raise standards of living and expand economic choices for people on the continent.

These elections will take place as globalization, terrorism, technology and strains on natural resources are transforming political and economic relationships. All the world’s nations have a political, economic and humanitarian stake in a free, secure and prosperous Africa. African nations can and should play a constructive role in devising solutions to emerging problems and every country in the developed world needs to be concerned that it is doing all it can do to assist the developing world create and nurture democratic institutions.